Recentty colorful class in lessons

Recentty colorful class in lessons

Original title: After the lesson improvement in the class, there is a colorful colorful [case] homework is less or even, extend the service time after class; more time to get along with the child, the family relationship is harmonious … this is "double reduction" Less parents’ feelings – two months in school, Shanghai parents Mo Mo still feel "a bit incredible": The three-grade child "There is no homework" after school every day, "It is said that it is done in the school, returning home. Homework, relationship special harmony. "

  "Parents now ask the most, do you have a decree? Is there a homework?" Mo Mo said. The operation is less or even, extend the post-class service time; more time to get along with the child, the family relationship is harmonious … This is the "double minus" experience. As the main body of implementing the "Double Reduction" policy, the school has taken many measures to ensure that "double reduction" has effectively solved the concerns of parents, let the "education return to the main position".

  The "reduced burden", students and parents are most concerned about whether students and parents are reduced, and whether the classroom efficiency is improved. To this end, Hefei Normal University Attacks to actively carry out operations and evaluation reforms. From the top, the school formulates the system and requirements of the work arrangement, the correction. The school carries out experts to lead the training and companion mutual assistance. Inviting teaching and researchers to conduct training for teachers to grasp the design strategy of different knowledge sections in different years; It is shortened job time and improves the quality of operation.

  The technical means of intelligence is also the implementation of "double reduction". In the view of the vice president of Fengxian High School, Jiangsu Province, Sun Zhigang, the "double minus" called, is not a "one knife cut", which is the quality of the classroom to learn efficiency.

Sun Zhigang believes that using large data + artificial intelligence, building precision teaching, "With Wisdom Class, not only can boost ‘double reduction’, but also to implement ‘double adding’." Through the wisdom class, before, before, before, class, class After the organic fusion, the teaching mode combined with the combination of online lines is achieved, and the maximization of resources is achieved. "Let the students learn more active, let the classroom 45 minutes to make full use", Sun Zhigang believes that this is the "improvement of teaching" .

  At the same time, based on the accurate teaching system of the big data, the data feedback is formed by recording the wrong question in the daily practice and exam, so that the key points and the blind areas can be used, and the teachers can do it, tie the typical misconduct; No problem, the personalized learning manual of the wisdom class is from the multi-dimensional analysis of the students’ discipline, and the learning resources are pushed to the learning resources. "With a breakthrough, students do not need to ‘issue sea tactics’, this is the ‘sympathy’." Sun Zhihong said.

  In addition to the reduction in work, it is a variety of changes in the "Double Reduction" policy to effectively reduce the burden of the student operation and the school, and the "Double Reduction" policy is a rich and diverse.

  Ningong Middle School in Beilun District, Ningbo City launched after seventh grade, opened late self-study in the eighth ninety grade. The school principal is introduced that after the post-class service is managed by language, mathematics, English, science, and social disciplines, and is responsible for completing operations, not new classes. It is difficult to do in the completion of the job, can be trips by the teacher.

And the school will prepare the afternoon snacks every day, and provide dinners for students who participate in late self-study.

  In the Yangtze River middle school in Beilun District, the form of service after class is more rich.

One is a basic type, mainly launched a student after school.

From the class language, several, English, division, social classes, and arrange students to do homework, independent reading and other projects. The second is a special type to carry out various types of special training activities.

The school combines the characteristics of running schools, carrying out the interested leadership of the students such as sports, art, and strives to cultivate students’ skills and help students to fully develop. After class service, what is the efficiency of students’ work efficiency? At 6 o’clock in the evening, I ended the day of study, and Liu Han, who was 802 Chunxia Experimental School, Beilun District, relaxed. I used to do homework at home, Liu Han’s efficiency is a bit low, and at school self-study for two hours, he not only completed the work of the day, but also left the time to prepare the next day. Xue police officer, parents, parents of Lushan School, Beilun District, also feel very deep.

Because of the nature of the work, he is worth duty every week, and the child has always been a headache for couples. "After the post-class service, the child can do most of the work in high quality in the school, and we don’t have to delay your job in order to pick up your child.

This year, the second treasure has also entered the Lushan School, I applied for the second treasure to serve the evening, so that two children can achieve synchronization. "Xue police official said.

  Teacher Shao Teacher in the Lushan School four years, has been participating in the post-class service.

"Two times a week, the workload has indeed increased, but as an educator, my delay service can make the class in the class, and the children’s homework can basically be completed in school. For children with weak foundation, children can also guide them, doing the work ‘Day Qing’, implementing the goal of the ‘Double Reduction’ policy to reduce the loss and decrease.

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