The 11th Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the CPPCC held the 30th Chairman

The 11th Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the CPPCC held the 30th Chairman

Original title: The 11th Tibet Autonomous Region Commission held the 30th Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region, on the afternoon of the 17th, subject to the vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the president of the Autonomous Region Political Consultative Conference, commissioned by the Party Committee of the District CPPCC, Vice-Chair Gao Yang hosted The 30th Chairman of the 11th Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the CPPCC was held. Luosan Jumei, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region CPPCC, Ape Jinyuan, Zhuozhen, Zhasidava attended. Conference Collective Learning "The National People’s Congress on establishing a decision of the legal system and implementation mechanism for maintaining national security in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region."

The meeting pointed out that the National People’s Congress is based on the new situation and the need to make decisions from the national level. It is the need for national sovereignty, safety and interest. It is the need for Hong Kong’s prosperity and stable development. It is the need to maintain the interests of Hong Kong, and have been Hong Kong compatriots And the support and agreement of the people of all ethnic groups.

  The meeting emphasized that the universities of the CPPCC members and the CPPCCACACACCCCCCCC will further improve the principle of the party’s central decision-making, further improve the political station, enhance the awareness of the overall situation, fully understand the "decision", and combine the CPPCC actually do good The "Decision" learning promotion work.

It is necessary to play the advantages of the CPPCC in the modernization of the national governance system and governance ability, and actively do the guidance of publicity and education of all walks of life, driving all walks of life to further enhance the firm determination and strong will of maintaining national security. It is necessary to adhere to the party’s hidden statement, continuously enhance the consciousness and firmness of anti-split struggle, and strive to promote the unity and progress of Tibet.

  The meeting reviewed the "Some Committee on Organizing Participants" to carry out "land green construction, and promote the" visual activity of the green development ".

  The meeting emphasized that the party center of Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, special care of Tibet’s ecological environment protection, pointing that Tibet is an important national ecological safety barrier.

The member inspections is an important form of political consultations, democratic supervision, and participation in political parties. It is necessary to play its own advantages, actively actively, and consistently with the party committees, the government’s co-resonance, the same direction, to ensure Tibet is more blue, water Clear, people and nature more harmonious contribute power. The meeting reviewed the twelfth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 11th Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the CPPCC. (Editor: Hao Jie, Diezidong).