The Innovation of the Finance Bureau of the Miyama City, launched the "four-heart service" continuous optimization of government procurement business environment

The Innovation of the Finance Bureau of the Miyama City, launched the "four-heart service" continuous optimization of government procurement business environment

Cancel the "two gold", give the small micro enterprise review, help small and micro enterprises finance development … This is the relevant initiatives adopted by the Mushan City Finance Bureau "develop more peace of mind" to a certain extent, to a certain extent .

Up to now, the city’s government procurement project has been fully canceled, and the credible supplier does not charge a performance margin in principle, and the compliance margin has been charged, and the refund procedures are promptly procedures after receiving the relevant acceptance materials. In the more than 170 government procurements carried out this year, small and micro enterprises participating in the project were given a review of 6% -10%.

At the same time, the government procurement contract financing measures issued by the province and Weihai Financial Department have been promoted to build bridges and financial institutions to effectively alleviate the financing pressure of SMEs.

In order to continue to deepen the "venting service" reform, since this year, the Finance Bureau of the Loushan City has carried out "Let the company have more peace of mind, so that the enterprise has more efforts, let the parties involve more worries, let the social supervision more assured" four Heart service ", measures, and consolidate the environmental results of the business, and continuously optimize the business environment.

In order to let the enterprise work more smoothly, the Miyama City Finance Bureau continues to optimize the process rendering, so that the company "less waiting", "less running legs". Vigorously promote government procurement process reconstruction, compression process time, shorten the government procurement contract from 30 days from the date of winning the bid (transaction) notice to 5 working days, and record the government procurement contract time by legal 7 working days Compressed to 3 working days to effectively improve government procurement efficiency and promote projects quickly. When performing a refund of the performance deposit, the green channel is opened for the foreign enterprise, and the material is submitted by remotely guiding refund materials, express mail mail, etc. At the same time, it is also actively promoted the e-commerce of procurement, so that all parties participate in more worry-free.

At present, Loushan City has initially established the government procurement electronic trading mechanism, strictly implement the specific requirements of the provisional requirements for the procurement of electronic trading management of the Weihai Municipal Government, and accelerate the promotion of government procurement electronic trading platform optimization and upgrading, and carry out electronic seal collection work for the purchaser Actively promote the electronic components of government procurement contracts, further improve the management and service level of "Internet + Government Procurement".

At the same time, the financial core business integrated government procurement management system is fully enabled, and the city’s budget unit training is fully utilized, promoting the promotion of the system, greatly enhances government procurement management and service level. In the case of making social supervision more assured, the Mushan Finance Bureau focuses on relevant work of information disclosure.

It has been launched a government procurement intention, and the government procurement information released special rectification, in May this year, the Loushan City Finance Bureau issued the "Notice of the Mushan City Finance on the Openness of Government Procurement", from June 1, this year, according to June 1 this year Within the centralized procurement catalog of project implementation, goods, engineering or service procurement should be open or disclosed, effectively improve the transparency of government procurement, so that companies can understand government procurement information in advance.

At the same time, a comprehensive investigation of government procurement information is conducted, and the issuance of the standard, perfunctory derivation, and severely omitted, in replacing the text, missing information, etc. The information releases normative, so that the community will understand the government procurement and consciously accept social supervision.

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